Mugger’s Alley

More from Panicale - teenie tiny little alleyways. They are cute now, but I don't reckon they would have been all that pleasant in the 15th Century.


I enjoy a walk in the Umbrian countryside, but it's not all that forgiving. Put it this way, it's a bit harder than the Thames towpath. You do get rewarded with splendiferous views though.


The spelling of 'door' makes no sense, and now every time I see it, I feel like I've forgotten how to read. Some Italian, err, entrances for you.


Fortified medieval hill towns are something of an Umbrian speciality, along with wild boar stew, which is fantastic. This one is called Panicale and its centre hasn't much changed since the 15th Century. That second photo is woefully out of focus but I included it anyway because I like the view.

Italy – sunset, again

More of the same sunset. No apologies - it was really something. The last photo is of Lake Trasimeno, where Hannibal (the general, not the leader of the A-team) fought some battle or other, apparently.

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