I have, since January, suffered from a vexing lack of mojo. All my photographs have been awful. Maybe it was the weather. Anyway, I have started to go through my efforts from the last few months. Here are some long expos of the Millennium Bridge.


The problem with doing long exposure photography is that there is a lot of waiting around. While the camera shutter is open, you just have to stand there, not touching the camera for fear of making it shake. I get odd looks - I guess I come off as some sort of pretentious nutter that... Continue Reading →


I love Leadenhall Market in the City, particularly on a Sunday morning, when it's reasonably empty. It's a gorgeous example of Victorian architecture, and has the prettiest Pizza Express in London.


If I'm honest, the canal near Paddington is a bit cruddy. But there's nothing like a sunrise to make everything look pretty.


I am - moody, I mean. It's been January for about a year. It feels like we're living in 30 Days of Night (which, by the way, is a good little film, with Angelica Houston's son as evil vampire leader. What a dude.) Anyway, as is the mood, so shall be the photography. Some long... Continue Reading →


Apparently the thing I like, with the sun's rays through trees, acheieved with a tiny aperture, is called starburst. Who knew? Anyway, these are the last of my photos from my last trip to Richmond Park.

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