The Zoo -6- Basking

Penguins are just as weird as giraffes. They potter about, like toddlers, always looking like they are about to fall over, and then when they get into the water, they have this balletic grace. I couldn't get any action shots of the grace, but there was some comedy on dry land.

The Zoo – 5 – Funny faces

Giraffes are  weird, like they were constructed in the lab of some mad scientist. They just make no sense. But they do have really funny faces, though the last one here looks deeply unimpressed.

The Zoo – 4- Jellies

I ate jellyfish in Hong Kong once. It was weird. As a general principle, I would rather look at them from a distance - they are quite lovely. These photos did not come out as I wanted, largely because the aquarium was entirely blue, and the glass was very scratched. I'm sure a better photographer... Continue Reading →

The Zoo – 3 – Don’t Call me Dory

Every single person that walked past this chap's aquarium said "look, there's Dory". I felt a bit sorry for him. If he could speak, I imagine he might say "who the hell is Dory? - My name's Neville. What is wrong with these people?"


Aberlady is a very tiny, very old village, built on the marshes by the sea. It even has a ruined church, for the ghoul in all of us.


The palace, not the cake. Pronounced "scoon", not "scon" or, even worse "sc-own" *shudder*. Anyway, before Mel Gibson and Robert Burns invented Scotland, generations of kings were crowned here, on the famous Stone of Destiny, which was stolen, and sat in Westminster Abbey for 700 years, before being given back to Scotland in the 1990s.... Continue Reading →

By Jove

More stuff from Jupiter Artland. Some of it is lovely - like the house itself, and the sculpture called the Xth Muse, Sappho. Other things, like the bottles in a shed, purporting to be water from a bunch of UK rivers, well, it might just be me, but I think it's a bit silly.  ... Continue Reading →

The Zoo – 2 – Monkeys

I couldn't get 3 decent shots of the teenie squirrel monkeys and their babies, so here's two and a picture of a mean-looking chap, that's not a squirrel monkey. Look at that baby though - those eyes!

Fields of Gold

Remember that song? by Sting? I was a bit of a fan back in the day. But I'm better now. There is a certain light that I have only seen in Scotland - not the golden hour before sunset, but the afternoon sun through black clouds. 

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