Cambridge is built on marshland. All the green spaces are damp, boggy and muddy. I have broken so many photography rules in these that it's a wonder I'm allowed to remain on the internet. Lens flare, shooting in the the sun - blah blah blah. I don't care. I like them - they show just... Continue Reading →


It's a long time since I was at university, and all the students look like children. Apparently, they all have bikes, or several bikes each, in fact.  

Weekend Away

We have a little annual pilgrimage to Cambridge for my husband's birthday. November might be one of the worst times of the year to go to Cambridge. It's so cold - the wind howls off the fens and straight into your face. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful town.

Botanic Gardens

The Edinburgh Botanic Gardens are great - not only are the lovely in themselves, but they afford some very pretty views of the city. It was a very strange sky that day, with a hazy, weak, sun.

Hello Darkness

It's not often I get a stolen moment in Edinburgh town centre. I did, the other day and took a series of terrible shots at night.  My full frame DSLR is at the camera doctor, after I dropped it on the pavement. I really miss it.

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