The Zoo – 1 – Lemurs

One of the perks of being off work is that you get to do stuff when places aren't busy. So I went to the zoo with a photography buddy. And it wasn't busy. I mean, the fact it hosed with rain all day might also have had something to do with it. I hope y'all... Continue Reading →

Weep no more

Whilst in Scotland, we went to a place called Jupiter Artland - it's essentially a big old house with lots of modern art installations around the grounds. Eccentric, but rather interesting. My favourite piece was this - called Weeping Girls.    


The first thing I encountered when I stepped of the train at Waverley Station was the drone of bagpipes. I went out for a little wander, and got caught in an apocalyptic rainstorm - two minutes later, the sun was blazing. You couldn't make this city up. Nonetheless, it is quite a remarkable place.

Scottish Skies

The other thing that Scotland does well is big, moody skies.  If the weather here were a person, it would be a sulky goth teenager.

Trip to the seaside

Lordy, I'm very behind with this photography lark. I'm on a 6 week break between jobs, in which I have done precisely zero photo stuff. But I was in Scotland at the weekend. I grew up in Edinburgh, and have huge love for the sea.  Mostly, I love it when it's angry, or sulking, or... Continue Reading →


Albert and Victoria may not have been cover-of -Vogue material, but they are one of the great love stories of history. When I die, do I get my own bridge? Also, in the second picture - someone's kayak has overturned. Oopsy.

Rooms with a View

I realise that since I started this blog, there is precisely one deliberate photo of people. and even then - it's from the back: Chicago Shore Despite my misanthropy, I do have friends. And two of them are the custodians of one of London's best views. We went there for dinner the other night, and I... Continue Reading →

Boaty McBoatface

The only reason I am posting these is because it's a good excuse to remind us all of the Boaty McBoatface incident, which, to my mind, is one of the funniest things that has ever happened in my lifetime. I'll grant you, I'm easily amused.  It makes me laugh like a drain every. single. time.... Continue Reading →

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