Looking at my blog stats over the last month or so, I have observed that you enjoy  seeing pictures of sunsets, beaches and booze. Judging you a little bit on that last one.  It's been a while since we had all the Cape Cod twee insanity. I kind of miss it - so here's a... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh sunset

The holiday in the US had to end sometime. Back to Blighty now. But that's ok, Autumn is here and the leaves are starting to turn - lots of long walks in my future, I think. I have been after this specific sunset capture for years. But, it's Scotland, so it's generally too rainy, too... Continue Reading →

Come in

For me, the best thing about big cities is the scope for just wandering around and finding interesting things to look at. I have a bit of a thing for doors.

Day to Night

Not a view I could ever tire of. NY is always better at night, I think.  The quality of these isn't the best, because they were taken through a window.


The Chrysler Building is probably my favourite piece of NY architecture. It is at once elegant and impressive. Here are three different shots - straight up, a reflection, and taken at a distance from the Highline.

A View From the Bridge

I used to love Arthur Miller as a teenager. Now I realise that it's didactic and heavy-handed, but it's not hard to see why that would appeal to a young person who hasn't fallen out of love with idealism. It's still a good play. Anyway, ┬ámore shots of the lovely Brooklyn bridge on a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Empire State of Mind – 1

And then we went to New York. I have lived in London since 2001, and I am still overwhelmed when I go to NYC. It's not that it's big  - because it isn't really. There are just so many people, and the buildings are so tall. And frankly, this August, it was so damn hot.  It remains, however, a unique... Continue Reading →

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