Deerie me

My stock of new photos is now small. I really need to up my game. Here are some deer, looking either splendid or gormless, as is their wont.

Neal’s Yard

Because it's January, and because I am a naturally ill-tempered person, I was irrationally irritated by the cheerful colours and twee set up of Neal's Yard, which is just up the road from Covent Garden.


I should apologise for my last Covent Garden post which neglected to point out that when I went, the Christmas decorations were still up. Is it bad luck to show photos of them after Twelfth Night?


I am not the religious sort, but I do have a great appreciation for gothic architecture, and religious music, both of which were present in abundance on Christmas Eve. This is St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, which is very ye olde, and very beautiful. Sadly for you, no one thought to record my rendition of... Continue Reading →


Covent Garden in London is generally a silly place, full of tourists, dubious magic acts and souvenir stands. But in the quiet of the early morning, one can appreciate the beauty of the market buildings.


You might recall my last trip to Richmond park - that really nice sunrise. It was pretty spectacular over the City of London that day too, in a Mad Max sort of a way.


Cramond is a little village on the Edinburgh coast. It offers a giant beach, a small island, some sort of stately home, and a coffee shop. It's excellent for a post-prandial outing.


Happy New Year, I guess. I do not like January. It's cold, it's wet, I've put on like 75 kilos from mince pies alone, and the winter isn't even close to being over. All I want to do is eat cake and sleep. So here are some cheery sunsets from our Christmas trip up to... Continue Reading →

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